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That being said, guys are constantly fantasizing about people in their life who, tactically, would make for terrible hookups, either because of what would happen during a spate of hookups, or what would happen after. In fact, for some guys, the more terrible the idea, the more alluring the prospect. Y ou can split the paramour-of-choice into two groups: bad to hook up with and worse to hook up.

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It inspired me to write this, so, RedHead Chroniclesthank you for the inspiration. If you hate the dentist, you might be surprised to know that your dentist hates some of the things you do to. Did your parents teach you any manners?

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Top definition. A rich chap that sticks needles in your gumswrenches around all your teeth, drills holes in your teeth, and bruises your face to fuck. Then he charges you loads of money.

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This morning, as I settled into the dentist chair, my lower right quadrant thumping with the pain of a level six infected root pocket, the hygienist asked if I wanted to watch TV during the injection as a distraction. Somehow subconsciously I knew that distraction was the reason I was sitting in that chair in the first place. Always running after everyone else's needs and forgetting my own, adequate flossing and brushing took second fiddle to reminding kids about filling their share boxes, picking up additional bars of soap for Rex and running last minute errands for family and friends. Lest you think that immediately, post dental visit, I was off to Fed Ex my application for martyrdom, I was fully aware that, despite some anesthesia induced brain fuzz, I had no one to blame but myself.

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I was the last appointment. She was doing a root canal on me, and was waiting for the numbness to take effect, when she told me she had gotten engaged. We had flirted since my first check up, a year ago.

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For a while, Mitchell, an electrician in his 50s, stopped seeking dental care altogether. But when one of his wisdom teeth began to ache, he started looking for someone new. The interior was a little dated, but not dingy.

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I am not a big fan of the dentist. Women think being afraid of shit like driving and doing math makes them more attractive. It naturally stands to reason that if men are afraid of nothing, which we are, women should be afraid of everything — especially math and driving! It makes them more womanly and thus more attractive.

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Hello, guys. Today I want to talk about the man who is currently responsible for adding more joy to my life than any other male in the world: my gym crush, Rich. He's about 6'5, huge dark eyes, and more importantly, he always cracks me up.

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At mydentist, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Millions of patients in the UK trust us with their dental care — and their information. Looking after your information is the cornerstone of trust between us. It underpins the great care our dental team gives you.