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This post is sponsored by the Hale Theater Costume Department. The ghoulish games continue with another costume idea for you: Marie Antoinette. Much simpler!

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Austrian archduchess? Became queen of France at a superyoung age. Liked to party and to play at being a peasant.

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At one point the princess leans upon the glass and blows against it, and in a familiar gesture, traces with her finger through the fog, looking very much the lost little girl. Sofia Coppola has assuredly eradicated any notion of Marie Antoinette as untouchable historical figure; the Queen nurses a hangover, loves her dog, gets guilt trips from Mom, and finds stress release through shopping. A lot of shopping. Marie Antoinette takes this notion and meanders with it.

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But here goes. But what Coppola does focus on provokes and fascinates. No one captures girlhood on film better than Coppola.

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Marie Antoinette. Soho Rep see Off Broadway. By David Adjmi.

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If folklore is to be believed, she was almost single-handedly responsible for inciting the French Revolution. Even worse, the French queen was said to have shown utter disregard for the suffering of those she ruled. Like other junior princesses, the young Antoinette was given a cursory education before being hustled into an arranged marriage to further the political ambitions of her parents.

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Marie AntoinetteQueen of Franceis best remembered for her legendary extravagance and for her death: she was executed by guillotine during the Reign of Terror at the height of the French Revolution in for the crime of treason. Her life has been subject of many historically accurate biographies, as well as subject of romance novels and films. As were many people and events involved with the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette's life and role in the great social-political conflict were contingent upon many factors. Many have speculated as to how influential she actually was on the nature of the revolution, and the direction it eventually took.

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