Helping teen depression

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Teen depression is much more than feeling temporarily sad or down in the dumps. But depression is far more common in teens than you may think. The increased academic pressures, social challenges, and hormonal changes of the teenage years mean that about one in five of us suffer with depression in our teens.

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Your teen's depression may be treated with talk therapy, anti-depression medicines, or a combination of these. Learn about what is available and what you can do at home to help your teen. You, your teen, and your health care provider should discuss what might help your teen the most.

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If your teenager is showing signs of depression, you may find yourself wondering whether it's 'just a phase' or something more serious. On average, three young people in every classroom are affected by mental health problems like depression. Many go undiagnosed and never get the help they need.

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One of the most important aspects of healing and recovering, be it from an injury, depression or a broken heart, is the belief that change is possible. In order to do the hard work of changing or healing, we have to believe that change is actually an option. Drug ads are major offenders, but not the only ones.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. But with mental illness, a parent has to deal with much more than the illness itself.

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The teen years can be extremely tough and depression affects teenagers far more often than many of us realize. However, while depression is highly treatable, most depressed teens never receive help. Help is available—and you have more power over your mood than you may think.

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Depressed teens often experience significant emotional and sometimes physical pain, but frequently don't have any idea what to do to feel better. Parents are usually in the best position to take charge in getting initial help for a depressed teen. Here's how to know when to seek professional help.

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If you think you might have depression, you're not alone. Find out more about this common, treatable condition and what to do if you're affected by it. We all feel low or down at times but if your negative emotions last a long time or feel very severe, you may have depression. Depression is a mood disorder where you feel very down all the time.

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Depression can interfere with everyday life for teens and can lead to academic failure, substance abuse, bullying or being bullied, eating disorders, and suicide. Many of the behaviors associated with adolescence — moodiness, anger, social withdrawl — may actually be signs of depression. The teen may not reach out for help themselves, so it is important to know how to approach them or their parents.

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Parenting a teenager with depression has nearly broken me. It has cracked me open, so that I thought the pieces would never come back together. But, like the daisies and coneflowers that I hack down to the ground in preparation for spring, the places that are cut are the places where new shoots grow.


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